Blueprint grid overlay – a jQuery plugin

Today I saw a link on Twitter for a jQuery plugin written by badlyDrawnToy that allows you to toggle the grid overlay when using

I have been using Bluetrip for my app development, so I adapted badlyDrawnToy’s plugin to work with BluePrint / Bluetrip CSS.

You can get it on my Github repo

The only file you need is jquery.BTshowgrid-1.0.min.js. The other files are just there to support the example.

To enable it on your page just call

   $("body").addGrid({img_path: '../img/',margin:"1.5em auto"});

The default options are as follows. They may be overridden by passing in this param

var defaults = {
   z_index: 999,
   img_path: '/img/',
   margin:'0 auto'

Fight for Kindle access – Disabled Community organizes against Author's Guild

The Reading Rights Coalition, which represents people who cannot read print, will protest the threatened removal of the text-to-speech function from e-books for the Amazon Kindle 2 outside the Authors Guild headquarters in New York City at 31 East 32nd Street on April 7, 2009, from noon to 2:00 p.m

Reading Rights Coalition Urges Authors to Allow Everyone Access to E-books.

As I had pointed out in my precious posts on this subject.  This technology would improve access to book for those who would normally not be able to access them and as such should have been treated by the Author’s Guild as a new revenue stream, not a threat to their current business model.

Dr. Peter Blanck, chairman and university professor at Burton Blatt Institute at Syracuse University, said:

As electronic books become the norm, denying universal access will result in more and more people with disabilities being left out of education, employment, and the societal conversation. We will all suffer from the absence of their participation and contribution to the debates that occupy us as a society.

Amazon seems to get it.  From the article:
While the Kindle 2 is not currently accessible to blind users, Amazon recently announced on its Kindle 2 blog that it is currently at work on making the device’s navigational features accessible to the blind.

Hopefully with all these organizations coming together, Amazon will reverse the decision to allow publishers to block text-to-speech.