Blueprint grid overlay – a jQuery plugin

Today I saw a link on Twitter for a jQuery plugin written by badlyDrawnToy that allows you to toggle the grid overlay when using

I have been using Bluetrip for my app development, so I adapted badlyDrawnToy’s plugin to work with BluePrint / Bluetrip CSS.

You can get it on my Github repo

The only file you need is jquery.BTshowgrid-1.0.min.js. The other files are just there to support the example.

To enable it on your page just call

   $("body").addGrid({img_path: '../img/',margin:"1.5em auto"});

The default options are as follows. They may be overridden by passing in this param

var defaults = {
   z_index: 999,
   img_path: '/img/',
   margin:'0 auto'

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